The most resilient cannabis varieties

Gardeners and new york medical marijuana doctors online know that plants need care. But some only need a little watering, while others need shading, gartering, spraying, changing drainage, and so on and so fo

rth. If the result is the same, why put in more effort? Every year the breeders of the most famous cidbanks are creating more and more unpretentious and hardy varieties. Who can they be good for? The beginner, the lazy, the commercial grower or anyone interested in making

the most out of their harvest at the least cost.

Here is a selection of five of the most hardy and unpretentious cannabis varieties:

Green Crack Auto is a very hardy Sativa/Indica hybrid. Not afraid of fungus, mildew, infections or extremes of temperature. Responds wonderfully to any growing method. The main thing is to feed this miracle-autique and get a crop with a THC 20%: in the indore 500-650 g/m², outdoor 70-300 g/shrub. Cones dense resinous already on the flower smells of exotic mango. Sweet fruity taste and a powerful boost of sativa energy guaranteed.

Auto New York City boasts a short life cycle and a very strong immunity system. Not even the blunders of novice growers can destroy it. For a rich harvest it will need only a large pot. In indora with 1 m2 brings from 400 g of cones, in out – from 40 g per bush. The variety has a pleasant aroma of different citrus notes and a strong, energizing hi-effect. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the payback will be cruel.

The Auto Anubis variety is a low height (60-130 cm) Indica, blooming for 55 days. This is a “planted-planted-harvested” type of plant. If enough heat and light, gives 500 g/m² of buds indoors, outdoors from 50 g / bush with a THC of 13%. On the


flower smells strong, peculiar: sweet earthy notes with a flavor of ripe grapefruit. The effect is strongly relaxing. After smearing it on the couch, the only thing left to do is to lie back and ponder the beautiful things.

Big Bang Auto reaches a maximum yield of 900 grams per sq

uare meter. For this harvest, just keep it warm and go for a 16-18 hour light cycle. Indica-dominant autica up to 1 m tall is great for beginners – only 3 weeks of vega and 3-4 weeks of color. Fans of all things unusual will love it, as its flavor and aroma is a mix of Skunk, Northern Lights and El Niño. It has an indie effect, relaxing, calming.

The variety Girl Scout Cookies Auto is specially created for sweet-toothed growers. In order to get up to 650 grams of buds per m2 you just feed it and water it slightly acidic. Outdoors, the bush yields up to 300g with a THC of 22%. From planting to harvests only 63 days. Plants are not afraid of infections, fungus and disease. A filter is needed on the flower. The flavor combines caramel, cookie and candy. This is a great option for parties, energizing and good mood to have a good laugh.

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