Quick-flowering hemp

Quick-flowering hemp is a great way to get a decent crop of killer cones in a short period of time. These days it is especially popular not only with impatient growers, but also with commercial growers. Over the past 10 years, breeders of many of the world’s leading cidbanks have managed to significantly shorten the flowering period of photoperiodic cannabis varieties as well as the life cycle of autoflowering. The 5-7 week yield is no longer a surprise to anyone. We bring you a selection of the most popular photoperiodic strains for every grower to choose from.

The fast-flowering photoperiod cannabis strains

Fast and relentless

The Sugar Black Rose F1 Fast Version is perfect for lovers of the all-consuming stone-effect cannabis, which instantly puts the taster in a state of deep relaxation, sending the mind to other worlds. It takes just 40 days to bloom. It is ready to please the host with 900 g of cones from one plant in the open ground. This little guy has more than 25 cannabis cups and awards in his hall of fame. It is also one of the strongest strains in the Delicious Seeds Cidbanks collection. Its THC level is as high as 25%. The finished product of the variety is used in medicine. It helps to relieve chronic pain and stress, and fight depression.

The power and speed of the 90s

Those who like the multi-faceted impact, must try the cannabis strain Sensi Star from the Dutch sydbank Paradise Seeds. The strain was first bred in 1995, but was subjected to improvements in 1997. Since then it has won more than 15 awards. This hybrid has a flowering period of 56-63 days and a yield of 500 grams of finished product per bush. It is endowed with lemon-metallic flavor qualities. The variety can be transferred to the flowering phase as early as 2 weeks after seed germination. Its THC level is 18%.

Green Poison

Green Poison F1 Fast version is another colorful representative of the fast-flowering folklore cannabis. It got such a name for a reason. The final product of this hybrid causes a bright psychedelic effect, which takes the taster to the depths of the subconscious. One gets a feeling of complete relaxation and harmony. Rastischka is quite unpretentious in cultivation, not afraid of fungus and mold, and therefore ideal for novice growers. The flowering period lasts for 6 weeks. Cones are endowed with a sweet fruity aroma, in which floral notes are felt. Yields are 500-600 g per square meter in the indoors and 500-700 g per bush in the outdoors.

Fast-growing autoflowers.

Invigorating cheese for beginners

Beginners should definitely consider the fast-flowering cannabis variety Speed Auto from Spain’s Sweet Seeds Cidbank. This third-generation autoflowering hybrid goes from seed germination to harvest in 7 weeks. During the flowering process, the inflorescences swell up strongly and fill with resin, emitting a pleasant cheesy aroma. The yield of the plant is 30-150 g of cones per bush. It is unpretentious in care and resistant to mold. The final product has a rich, fruity taste with a hint of cheese and a classical sativa flavor, which brings a lot of energy and positivity.

The little but the good

If you choose stealth box as a place to grow cannabis, Fast Bud #2 Auto is a perfect fit. This strapping grows to a height of 40-90cm. The bud has a dense, branchy structure, which is why it boasts a yield of 20-70 grams per plant. It goes through its life cycle in 7.5 weeks, bringing the host unusually large cones. Its flowering period is accompanied by a sour-sweet scent, with notes of currants, blueberries and grapes. The THC level of this variety reaches 17%. The hybrid brings a ripple effect that can instantly lift your spirits and make you laugh. Waves of euphoria are replaced by a sense of pleasant relaxation.

The legendary blackberry

Blackberry is a legendary hybrid from the American cidbunk FastBuds. Not only is it famous for its quick life cycle of 8 weeks, but also for its rich berry flavors, which once revolutionized the way cannabis could be tasty. In the open ground this plant is able to please the grower with 70-300 grams of finished product from one bush, which is quite a lot with a maximum growth of 110 cm. Outwardly, the plants of this variety are distinguished by their red-lilac color. The level of THC in the buds is up to 20%, which has a killer effect on the taster.

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