Harvesting autoflowers

Autoflowering marijuana is a plant that blooms and ripens regardless of the time of year or light conditions. Autoflowers, which can produce crops on par with traditional photoperiod marijuana, are very popular today. Geneticists and breeders in recent years have created a large number of autoflowering varieties that surprise even seasoned growers with their productivity and quality.

The low yield of autoflowers is usually attributed to the small growth of the plant. However, modern varieties are capable of producing a large number of lateral

shoots that can develop into strong additional stakes. This plant structure allows for more cones with a low growth of autoflowering and brings it closer to photoperiod varieties in terms of productivity.

We have compiled the Top 5 of the highest yielding autoflowering cannabis varieties that you can buy in our online store. We also have a selection of the cheapest autoflowering strains. Cheap doesn’t mean bad, and saving money is always nice!

Big Bang Auto Blossom Big Bang Auto

One of the highest yielding autoflowers is the feminized variety Big Bang Auto from Green House Seeds Seedbank. Its indor productivity exceeds that of many photoperiod varieties. Almost a kilogram of ripe and aromatic buds can be harvested per square meter when grown using the SoG method.

The variety is unpretentious, has good immunity and is suitable for cultivation by beginners. It has been selected with genes from Northern Light, Skunk, El Nino and a carefully selected ruderalis phenotype. Auto Flowering Big Bang matures in just 6 weeks and produces a pleasant calming effect with bodily relaxation and mild pain relief.

Auto Northern Lights Classic Harvest

Green House Seeds’ autoflowering strain, Northern Lights, is one of the best known marijuana strains on the planet. Plants with the same name and similar genetics are available from just about every seed bank. However, it is GHS that has managed to achieve yields estimated at 800 grams per square meter in indium cultivation.

This indica-dominant cannabis is considered an excellent indoor plant, ripening within eight weeks. It is easy to grow, and its sweet-spicy taste is unlikely to leave you indifferent. Northern Lights Auto is known for its balanced indica-sative effects with a good 18% THC content.

Super Critical auto: Legendary genetics for a super variety

With a noble pedigree and a high yield, Green House Seeds’ Super Critical auto-flowering strain is the only marijuana plant with a noble pedigree and a high yield. This plant is known for its quick maturation, hardiness, and ability to yield up to 800 grams per square meter in the indor. Its genotype included legends such as White Widow, Skunk and Big Bud. It has inherited from its parents a bright, spicy-sweet taste and good therapeutic qualities. It has a THC content of up to 18%, which is a good value for an automatic herb.

To get the maximum yield, experienced growers advise growing this autoflower using the SoG method and under powe

rful lamps of at least 1000W per meter.

Medicinal autoflowering

Rhino Ryder seed from FastBuds Seedbank has become very popular because of its strong medicinal qualities. Rhino Ryder has a balanced indica-sative action, capable of relieving pain, calming, while leaving your head clear. The variety contains up to 20% THC.

It yields up to 650 grams of ripe buds per square meter of indole. Rhino Ryder matures in 67 days and is easy to grow and harvest. Experienced growers note that to get the maximum yield, this variety is better planted in spacious containers to provide the root system with enough space. The fragrance during flowering is intense, skanky.

Automatic Euphoria by Sweet Seeds

The strong and yielding Jack 47 autoflowering from Sweet Seeds Cidbank is considered one of the most potent autoflowering plants on the cannabis market. It was created by crossing an automatic variation of Jack Herer with Sweet Seeds’ own elite clone of the legendary AK-47.

Jack 47 has a sweet lemon flavor, with notes of sweetness and incense, as well as a great stamina. It has a consistent yield of 600 grams per square meter per bed. Good for socializing and partying, the variety is uplifting and energizing. The effects are sative, but it is too strong for daytime use. Beginners should be careful with it.

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