Cheap autoflowering varieties

Autoflowering strains and florida medical card online are only getting more and more popular each year. They are fast, they are strong, they are hardy, they have a fairly high THC and they give good yields. It would seem that these things should be expensive, but…

Growers know for sure that a low price doesn’t mean a low quality. And Semenarnia helps them do just that. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to grow a beautiful, hardy crop. Our catalog features varieties with the most stellar genetics at a very reasonable price.

Auto Widow

The cannabis variety Auto White Widow fem (Pyramid Seeds) is unpretentious, mildew and disease resistant and has proven to be excellent in the indora. The life cycle of Auto White Widow fem cannabis seeds is 10 weeks. 80-150 cm height and yield of 450 grams of buds per 1 m2 indoors is guaranteed, just as long as the EC is within 1.4. The fragrance is intense and spicy, it is invigorating, like a vigorous hai. Weightlessness, flight and a burst of energy that will cause an inexorable desire to chat and make something of the day – that’s what Auto White Widow fem marijuana seeds are chosen for.

By auto to New York

Auto New York City fem (Pyramid Seeds) can be grown outside, but the maximum they show is in the indoors. From 1 m2 receive from 400 g of buds. Plants up to 100 cm tall and unobtrusive aroma are unpretentious and excellent for guerrilla grovelling. The finished product smells of lemon and lime with a citrusy flavor of orange, lemon and spice. Auto New York City fem marijuana seeds are guaranteed to deliver 18% THC and a strong sativa high with euphoria and clarity of thought. The Auto New York City fem variety is suitable for creative individuals.

A yielding little partisan babe

Green-O-Matic auto fem cannabis seeds (Green House Seeds) in the indor show a staggering, especially for an autica, bud yield of 800 g/m2. The plants are characterized by 5-6 weeks of color, unpretentiousness, growth up to 100 cm and the absence of a pungent smell. All this makes Green-O-Matic auto fem a great option for first grovelling or stealth growing. Herbs, spices and fruit are present in the flavor and aroma. Green-O-Matic auto fem marijuana seeds will appeal to fans of relaxation. The soft and strong stoner will be fast and last a long time.

A big bang in miniature

Big Bang Auto fem cannabis seeds (Green House Seeds) will appeal to indor and commercial growers. Plants do not exceed 60-100 cm and yield up to 900 g of buds per m2. The Big Bang Auto fem variety is 80% Indica, blooming in 42 days. Because of the strong odor on the flower, a filter is needed. The taste and aroma includes berries, flowers and fruit. Big Bang Auto fem marijuana seeds are the choice of those who like it strong and fast. It relieves tension, calms and induces a mild, warm euphoria.

Forget everything

Auto Anesthesia fem (Pyramid Seeds) cannabis seeds are another great variety for indore. The 40-100cm tall plants are strong, beautiful, resinous and yield 550g/m² of buds. Auto Anesthesia fem is a 90% Indica with a 14% THC and a flowering time of 49-60 days. Has a sweet aroma and acidic flavor. Has a relaxing effect. Auto Anesthesia fem cannabis seeds are perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy everything around them.

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